Saturday, September 8, 2012

End of Summer

Well, summer is officially over. The kids are back in school and the library has grown rather quiet again. We had a really successful summer here; about 75 kids involved in our Summer Reading Program with a maximum of 45 at one of our sessions --and that doesn't include the number of parents, care-givers, and volunteers that were involved too. You can see our pictures from the summer up on our Facebook Page. We're still working on getting a slideshow for the main web page; bare with us!

However, the end of summer has brought in some changes here too. Jane, our youth librarian, is retiring this month. She promises however to still be avidly available here, volunteering, running our book club, and filling in as we need the extra help. So, don't miss her too much; she'll still be here!

Taking over her youth librarian duties is Cassie, whom you may remember as our intern from last fall. She'll be heading up Story Time, which starts September 14th from 9:30-10:30. We have brochures available at the front desk with our themes and other information, so check those out.

Also new in the library, is Rebecca our new library aide. Our previous aide, Lillian, is working at the UW-EC Early Learning center, and wouldn't be available to continue to work her library hours as well, but Rebecca was ready to step in!

Hopefully we're done with the staff changes for awhile!

Finally, make sure you read the newest issue of the The Pulse that should have arrived in your mailbox this week. There's a very nice article about the library's involvement in NaNoWriMo. There is also a great article by Rebecca in the Augusta Area Times this week about Jane's retirement. Both of these papers are available for the public, here at the library.

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