Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monster Bash at the Augusta Public Library

A dozen children came to have a monstrously good time at the Augusta Public Library's Monster Bash on October 11. This afternoon program featured monster-themed stories, games, and monster cupcakes baked and decorated by library director Leslie LaRose.

Cassie Banaszak reads Crankenstein to her group of little monsters

Cassie and company get into monstrous character
Intern Amanda Gaveske reads Leonardo The Terrible Monster
The library's very own gang of kid-shaped monsters
The monsters get silly
Amanda and Jane help the kids create their "monster eyeballs"

Cassie helps Chloe play "Pin the Eyeball on the Monster"

Leslie LaRose and Samma Johnson serve cupcakes to the famished horde
Leslie's incredibly artistic, totally unique, utterly delicious cupcake creations (what was left of them, anyway...)

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