Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Young architects at the library

Joe, Storm, and the Cardholder 9000.

Almost every day, you can find Augusta elementary students Storm and Joe spending quality time with the library computers. They're masters of the online gaming realm, and they enjoy few things more than a good sojourn in virtual reality.

Imagine their horror, then, when they entered the library and realized that ALL OF THE COMPUTERS WERE TAKEN!!! What was a pair of modern young men to do without a screen in front of them? How would they pass their time in the library?

It was a desperate situation. Books were out of the question--too reminiscent of school. Then what was left?

The solution: architecture! The pair of young builders set themselves to creating a series of structures using the library's collection of wooden triangles and rectangles. They now proudly present the first in this series, and they intend to post a new one each week.

Young architects Storm and Joe proudly present their series debut, the Cardholder 9000.

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