Saturday, February 22, 2014


This post is for anyone who's considering getting a card at the Augusta Public Library. You should know that:

A) The library offers access to thousands of books, movies, and on-line resources, so you'll be REALLY glad you did


B) New patrons will be temporarily limited to checking out two items at a time and to placing two holds at a time.

While the library wholeheartedly welcomes its new patrons, it had to institute this policy to avoid situations in which new patrons check out numerous items, then fail to return them.

Don't worry, though; the limits are only in place for the first three months that a new card is active. After that, patrons can have 50 items checked out at a time, and they can place up to 50 holds.

So welcome to the library, Newbies, and spend your first three months making a list of all the wonderful things you're going to check out once the time limit has passed!

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