Monday, January 5, 2015

Classics Challenge

This month we are all about the classics here at the library, Samma has gathered a few of her favorites for display as well as a few of those titles that have been revisited by authors throughout the years.  While there has been some talk between staff on what makes a book a classic, whether it needs to acknowledge the age of the volume or not, I tend to lean towards titles where the quality of its content describes it as a classic.  Not simply that it has lasted 10, 50, or more years, although titles that have done this may tend to be labeled a classic simply for speaking to the public for so long.  Books like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catch in the Rye, or The Great Gatsby are titles that have resonated with many of their readers and often tend to be read not once but over and over again in a person’s lifetime. 
With the beginning of the new year bringing resolutions and challenges, I would like to start off with a challenge of my own.  To see how many classics can be read through 2015.  Whether you are a member of a site like Goodreads, which the library is, or tracking your titles offline and letting us know how many you were able to fit in. 

Good Luck and Happy Reading!

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