Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to Our New Intern!

We'd like to introduce our new intern, Kirsten, to the Augusta Public Library!

Kirsten is a senior at UW-Eau Claire completing her last semester as a Liberal Studies major and a Library Science minor. She was born and raised in Green Bay as the middle of five children. Growing up she traveled all over the country with her family and has been to around 43 states and has continued with her love of traveling throughout her college career and has visited Canada, the Bahamas, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. Her love of travel is one of the reasons she was drawn to books. "Reading allows you to step into the pages, visit other places, and learn about other people whenever you want. It is definitely the best option when you aren't actually able to travel and experience those places first hand," she stated.

Besides travel, Kirsten enjoys many other hobbies that keep her busy. She spends much of her time dancing various styles such as ballroom dance as well as modern dance and ballet, as well as whitewater kayaking whenever the opportunity arises. "I really do love staying active and being outdoors, but I also need those days when I can stay home, make some tea or hot chocolate and indulge in a book or movie."

Her favorite books include many of the popular young adult series such as the Hunger Games, the Inheritance Cycle, Divergent, and Percy Jackson, but also the tales of Sherlock Holmes, anything by Agatha Christie, and many classics such as The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Animal Farm.

Next time you come to the library, make sure you say hello to Kirsten. She is always willing to have a friendly chat or help you find your new favorite book!

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