Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What You Should Be Watching: 2nd Season Renewals

As a regular TV watcher, nothing feels better than that calming relief of knowing that your new favorite show will be returning for another season. The 2014-15 season of television saw the axe come down on several long-running series as well as freshman shows. These are only a few of the well received shows that are returning, so if you're not sure about where your new favorite fell on the return list, you can check out this list from TVGuide.

Most of these shows will see a DVD release in the near future, but unless noted have not been added to the MORE catalog for holds yet. Keep an eye out for them in the future! Can't wait? Check Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Instant (subscriptions may be required) to watch them now.

Marvel's: Agent Carter: (ABC) Haley Attwell reprised her roll from the Captain America film as Agent Peggy Carter. The year is 1946, and Peggy works as a secretary for the SSR. When friend Howard Stark (yes, that Howard Stark!) finds himself in a spot of trouble...facing charges of treason kind of trouble, Peggy teams up with his faithful butler Jarvis to attempt to clear his name. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D, or any of the other ongoing comic book superhero shows will want to check out Agent Carter. DVD is set to release September 18th.

How to Get Away With Murder: (ABC) This law drama features Viola Davis as a university law professor, whose students are about to get far more than they bargained for in their Law 101 class. DVD is already available, but not yet in the catalog.

The Flash: (CW) After the success of Arrow, it's spin-off doing well is no surprise. Slightly more comedic and upbeat than the dark and foreboding aura of it's predecessor, Flash features Grant Gustin (you may recognize him from a short stint on Glee in season 3) as Barry. After being given superpowers after being stuck by lightening during an experiment gone-wrong, he teams up with a group of scientists to protect his city from others who have also been changed and chosen to use their powers for wrong. DVD release is set for Sept. 22nd. Click the link to place your hold now.

iZombie: (CW) Though based on a comic book, the two don't share much more than a title and was a CW summer season filler. The television show stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore, a functional zombie. After being turned during an accident at a boat party, Liv has been forced to make changes --such as leaving a promising path toward being a surgical doctor to being a medical examiner. But, the new life choices leave her plenty of time to team up with a local rookie cop to help solve crimes under the guise of being a psychic. Because that's easier to believe than "I'm a zombie who gets flashes of memories from the people whose brains I eat to maintain my sanity." The 13 episode season will be available on DVD Sept. 9th.

Empire: (FOX) Even if you haven't watched it, you've likely at least heard of Empire, which as been hailed as a show-to-watch from it's premier. When the head of the Lyon family, Lucious Lyon is diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disease ALS, he must to choose one of his three sons to take over his music empire when he dies. Meanwhile, his ex-wife and co-founder Cookie has been released from a long prison stint and is looking to reclaim her seat in the business. Available on DVD September 15th.

Gotham: (FOX) Set in the world of pre-Batman Gotham, the show focuses on future police commissioner James Gordon's struggle as a rookie cop. Familiar characters include Bruce Wayne, a young boy whose parents have just been shot in front of him, Selina Kyle, a street-rat girl who was a witness to the crime, Oswold Cobblepot, who is trying to find his place for a life of crime, and Edward Nygma, a socially awkward medical examiner. The first season of this drama will be available September 8th.

Check back tomorrow for our final list of shows --what will be brand new this fall! Get ready to set your DVRs!

*Bonus* These are some of our long-running favorites that have been renewed! These titles have seasons available in the MORE catalog.

Bob's Burgers: This animated comedy stars Bob Belcher and wife, Linda, and their 3 kids: Tina, lover of horses, zombies, and boys, Gene, musical genius (if keyboard fart noises can be considered genius) and Louise, the bunny-eared budding sociopath who loves her family a lot more than she might let on. Together, they run Bob's Burgers where the food is really great but life always seems to get in the way of business. Bob's Burgers will be starting it's 6th season, on FOX.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Consider this Andy Samberg comedy to do for the cop genre what Scrubs did for the medical drama. The 99th Precinct is a collection of the best, brightest, and...well, quirkiest cops you'll ever meet. They get the job done, but not always the way you expect them to.  This show will be entering it's 3rd season on FOX.

The Goldbergs: If you loved the 80's, do I have a show for you! Every episode takes place in "1980-something", highlighting the best, the worst, and the most embarrassing parts of the decade from the eyes of young Adam Goldberg. Narrated by Patton Oswald and inspired heavily by creator/producer Adam Goldberg's life, this comedy is sure to please; whether you're an 80's survivor or not. The Goldbergs will be entering their 3rd season, this fall on ABC.

The Middle: This family comedy starring Patricia Heaton (Everyone Loves Raymond) and Neil Flynn (Scrubs) focuses on the Heck family of five --just trying to squeak out a living in the Indiana midwest. And, when your oldest son thinks he's god's gift to women, your daughter might was well be invisible even though she tries her hardest to be heard, and your youngest is usually lost in a fictional world with his nose in a can be...well, interesting. The Middle, on ABC, will be going into it's 7th season.

Once Upon a Time: This fairy-tale based drama will be entering it's 5th season this fall on ABC. The first season begins with Emma Swan's son, whom she had given up for adoption 10 years before, finding her and bringing her to the unusual town of Storybrooke, Maine. After deciding to stay, Emma is drawn into the adventure of a lifetime and tasked with breaking a curse placed on the inhabitants of Storybrooke by the evil queen Regina.

The 100: This dystopian sci-fi inspired drama from CW is starting it's 3rd season. A group of 100 teenage miscreants are formidably deployed to Earth to discover whether it is habitable, 97 years after a nuclear war had devastated the planet. The series is based on a series of books, also entitled The 100, by Kass Morgan.

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