Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What You Should Be Watching: One Season Wonders

Most people are well acquainted with a One Season Wonder. Fan-favorites like the short-lived sci-fi series 'Firefly' or 1999's homage to 80's teen angst, 'Freaks and Geeks' are still talked about to this day. And the 2014-15 TV season was no stranger to shows that were given an early axe.

Unfortunately, while these shows will likely be released on DVD in the near future, they aren't there quite yet, so you'll have to settle for watching on Hulu (plus account may be needed), or crossing your fingers for them to appear on Netflix. Some shows may also still be housed on their network's website, but you'll have to check that. Links provided will direct to YouTube trailers or episode clips.

A to Z: This NBC romantic dramedy starred Cristin Milioti, better known as "the mother" from the last season of CBS's How I Met Your Mother as Zelda. The show chronicles her relationship with Andrew, which lasts for eight months, three weeks, five days, and one hour.

Backstrom: This show from FOX pegged me as being the cop drama for House fans. Rainn Wilson, of The Office fame, plays a disgruntled cop who loves solving crime --but hates basically everything else --including himself.

Constantine: Based on the DC comic "Hellblazer", Constantine wasn't necessarily a spin-off of the movie by the same name (starring Keanu Reeves), but features the same character John Constantine as a man who is dealing with his faith while protecting humanity from the forces of darkness. The cancellation came as no surprise as many fans lament any "good" show on NBC being doomed, but Matt Ryan will be reprising his role on the 2015-16 season of Arrow for one episode.

Forever: Henry Morgan (Ioan Guffudd) cannot die. Literally. Now over 200 years old, Morgan is in New York city working as a medical examiner, trying to unlock the forces behind his cursed immortality. The story seems unique, but also reminiscent of Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Check back tomorrow for a look at some favorite Second Season Renewals to catch up on before the new season starts!

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