Tuesday, September 17, 2013


If you missed it, you missed an eclectic bunch of entertainment and elucidation!To those of you who came and saw and heard, we thank you for your attendance. All of the authors were interesting and very generous in sharing their experiences with the writing and publishing processes. The story walk and children's activity area were delightful. --And of course, the food was delectable. 

A special thanks to all those who helped make the day possible: 
Leslie, Cassie, Samma and Rebecca--You planned the activites, kept us up-dated with posters, articles, blogs and made the day run smoothly. Jane W.--your decorative flare always makes the library look classy. And Friends of the Library--you helped set up, baked scrumptious desserts, prepared & served lunch, then cleaned up. What a great group of community members! What will we have up our sleeves for next year?

Marty R.
Friends of the Library President

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