Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There's a new face at the library!

The Augusta Public Library is pleased to welcome its new intern, Amanda Gaveske. Amanda was born in Peru but raised in Marinette, Wisconsin, and she's currently a senior at UW-Eau Claire. Although Amanda began her university career as a Nursing major, the English classes she took inspired her to change her major to English Literature. Another class with Professor Rob Reid further inspired her to add a Library Science minor to her degree. She noted that although many friends and family members questioned her decision, remarking that being a librarian seemed too boring for an energetic person like her, she's well aware that there's more to being a librarian than most people realize.
Her first day at the Augusta Public library was a case in point. "I believe I spent less than fifteen minutes behind a desk checking books in and out, which is what a majority of people think librarians do," she said. "I was given a tour of the library, shelved books, checked items in and out of the library, and covered a variety of sizes of books. It may not sound like these tasks may take up a whole five to six hours, but they do. Oh, and I also learned how to clean a DVD! Overall, I had a very successful day here at the library, and I hope to learn new things each day."
Amanda will have plenty of plenty of opportunities to learn in the next few weeks. In order to fulfill the requirements for her Library Science minor, she'll be spending at least 140 hours as a library intern over the course of the semester. She'll be working hard, but she doesn't regret her decision to pursue a career in Library Science. She described spending time in a library as a "perfect fit" for her. "I love books!" she added. "There's no greater feeling than being surrounded by the things I love."
Amanda's enthusiasm will serve her well as she embarks on what promises to be a fulfilling career path, and the staff of the Augusta Public Library is glad to be part of her journey.

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